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Reference for Former Employee

This letter is a reference for a former employee who is seeking employment elsewhere.

Wilkinson High school
California, CA 34980

October 13, 2010

Quentin Dixon,
Royal High School
967 Road
California, CA 34988

Dear Mr. Dixon,

Morgan Bennett was employed as a teacher at Wilkinson High School from March 2007 to June 2010. There was some decrease in finding and she had to be to terminated.

While she was working in Wilkinson High School she performed all her duties well. She was teaching French language to first year students mostly,and both students and colleagues adored her. The teachers she worked with speak highly about her abilities, willingness to cooperate and a professionalism in her teaching.

I recommend Ms. Bennett for a position of French language and literature teacher.
Feel free to call me at 555-666-9890 for any further information.



Mildred N. Russell

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