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Checking Into a Hotel

Desk Clerk: Welcome to the Aarden Hotel. Do you have a reservation?
George: Yes, I do. I'll be staying for three days.
Desk Clerk: What is your name?
George: George Butler.
Desk Clerk: Are you here for business or pleasure?
George: Business.
Desk Clerk: We have room 680 reserved for you. Will you be paying with cash or credit card?
George: A credit card. Here it is.
Desk Clerk: Thank you.
George: What's the rate?
Desk Clerk: $149 per night. There's also a complimentary continental breakfast.
George: Great.
Desk Clerk: I need to make an imprint of your card.
George: Okay. How do I get to my room?
Desk Clerk: Take the elevator on the right to the sixth floor, and your room will be directly in front of you as you exit the elevator.
George: Thank you.


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