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This letter inquires why the bill isn’t being paid. It assumes that the bill is overdue. It’s a good idea to follow this letter with a personal phone call inquiring about the payment delay. Often an alternative plan can be arranged to suit the recipient’s current budget constraints. If another agreement is reached, send a copy of the new payment plan to the recipient. Continue to follow up letters with phone calls to maintain open communication. Keep a log of all calls.

Modern Wear
482 Holloway Road. • Islington, Greater London, United Kingdom

January 5, 2008

Sam Parker
768 Avenue Road.
Arthur Rd,London, SW19, UK

Dear Mr. Parker:

Is there any reason you have not paid your bill of $440.06?

In the credit agreement you signed, you agreed to pay off your bill
in three payments. Your total bill is now overdue. Please send
$440.06 within 10 days. If you have any questions or concerns
regarding this bill, please contact me at 600-555-7854 by
January 10.

Failure to send the full amount by January 15 may mean
that your bill is turned over to a collection agency. Your prompt
attention is urgent to protect your credit.



Angelica Baker
Credit Manager

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