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Translator Cover Letter Example

Jacqueline Taylor
45 Main Avenue
New York, NY 30009

Jasmine Mitchell, Human Recourse Director
768 Main Road
New York, NY 76990

Dear Ms. Mitchell,

I am a highly accomplished translator and I would like to schedule an informal interview with you to discuss Tradecom's translating needs.

I have an 8-year track record of success in international business company. I was responsible for print, on-line content and internal communication. I was the one of Distance learning creators platform which increased the company's turnover by 50%.

After few years of teaching,mostly Elementary schools, and translating, I have become certified by the Association of Translators and worked as a translator in IT company, the biggest Internet Provider company in New York City. Working in this most prominent company I became extremely accomplished at technical vocabulary.

I have outstanding computer skills and I am very good at promoting adult learning.

I look forward to meeting with you in the very near future to discuss how my skills can be used in Tradecom.

Please, contact me at 555-739-9820 or to let me know your availability.

Best wishes,

Jacqueline Taylor

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