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Dialogue With a Salesman

BUYER: Hello, I’d like to speak with someone in your sales department.
SALESMAN: Hello, my name is Donald Palmer, Donald and David Ltd representative. What type of vehicle are you looking for?
BUYER: A small or mid-sized SUV to replace my 2004 Outlander. I’m looking for a 2008 or later.
SALESMAN: What is your price range?
BUYER: $10,000 or less
SALESMAN: Hmm…I’m not finding anything…with that price point your options are going to be limited, which is kind of what I thought before I even started looking.
SALESMAN: Hold on a minute….
SALESMAN: This is Mr. Sales Manager, sometimes they can see things in the inventory that we can’t see, so I wanted to see if there was anything out there for you.
Mr. Sales Manager: We only keep cars under 85,000 miles, so with that price point it’s going to be very difficult to find something for you. We have some inventory in the $12,000-$15,000 bracket
SALESMAN: May I ask what’s your personal budget?
BUYER: It’s actually irrelevant, I’ve budgeted $10,000 for a vehicle and that is the max I’m going to spend.
SALESMAN: How much monthly payment can you afford?
BUYER: Well, if I’m only spending $10,000 and don’t plan on financing for more than 3 years that should work out to about $300/month right?
Mr. Sales Manager: Does it have to be an SUV? We have some full size cars and sedans in that price range.
BUYER: If I’m going to buy something today, it is going to be an SUV. I still have several options yet to explore and I’m convinced I’ll find what I want. However, if that does not pan out, then I will consider cars…but it won’t be today.
Mr. Sales Manager: Thank you for your honesty.
SALESMAN: Would you be interested in a crossover vehicle? We have a Dodge Caliber that would meet your requirements.
BUYER: I’m not familiar with the Caliber, can you pull it up.
SALESMAN: This is one of our best sellers (blah, blah)….
BUYER: Do you have one on the lot we can physically look at?
SALESMAN: Isn’t it a great car? Don’t you like the way it handles?
BUYER: It’s not for me. I just don’t feel comfortable inside of it. You have my information and if something comes in that you think I may be interested in you can contact me.

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