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Employer is calling the potential employee.

Employer: I am pleased to inform you that we are sending you an offer today. As we discussed when you visited us earlier for your interview, you will be a Software Engineer with us. We are offering you an annual salary of $80,000.You will be sent some extra paperwork in the mail. We would like to hear you opinion about the offer. Everybody will be very happy to have you in our team.

Candidate: Thank you for the offer. I am very happy to hear the news. Is it ok if I first review the offer and then get back to you with my reaction?

Employer : Of course. When can I expect your reply?

Candidate: I will call you soon after I receive your mail.


Employer: We’ d like to make the final decision within the end of this week.
Candidate: It is not a problem. I will call you in few days.

The candidate is reading an email and preparing to call the employer but the employer is calling him.


Employer: It's been about 3 days since we last talked. I hope you have some good news.

Candidate: I am glad you called. I was going to call you later today. As I mentioned to you at the interview, I am interested in my career development, not just a job. The position in your company is definitely the right for me but I hope we can talk about the figure you mentioned the last time we spoke.


Employer: That figure is based on your earlier experience as well as education and I think we made a good offer to you.You will be able to learn a lot from us.


Candidate: I like the learning and personal growth aspects but if this is the final offer I would need more time to think about it.

Employer: We would really like to work with you. You impressed everybody. It will be productive relationship for all of us. I think me have made a fair offer to you. I will see if I can do something about it. What do you think is a reasonable offer for you?


Candidate: Many people who apply for this position expect $90,000 and more, as well as a signing bonus.


Employer: We reward our employees through annual increases and promotions. I don’t know how much influence I have on the salary but I will try to see if I can do something about the signing bonus. If I can work out something will you be able to make your decision quickly?


Candidate: I will do my best to respond to your offer as soon as possible.


Employer: Very well then, we will be in touch. I will call you today or tomorrow. If you have anything else to tell me, please let me know.


Candidate: Okay, thank you. Looking forward to your call.

Tomorrow morning.


Employer: Hello again. We would really like to have you in our team. I put a great effort considering your bonus. Here is our offer: annual salary $85,000 and a signing bonus of $5,000. It was very difficult to change the figure, I really gave my best to change it. So, what do you think?


Candidate: I really appreciate your effort. I hope you would offer $90,000 for annual salary and $10,000 for the signing bonus. I know you have made a great effort for me. I would like to take a couple of days and then I will give you my final answer.


Employer: I can’t do anything about the salary but I can try to do something about the signing bonus. 


Candidate: I appreciate your efforts.


Employer: Would you like to talk about the bonus now or …?


Candidate: Is it possible to make the signing bonus $10,000?


Employer: I cannot go higher than $8,000.


Candidate: So, the offer that stands now is $85,000 in salary and $8,000 in signing bonus?


Employer: I would really like you to join us but I cannot go higher than this.


Candidate: I like the offer and the opportunity, I will take a day or two to think again and I will let you know.

The candidate is calling the very next morning.


Candidate: I am calling to let you know that I am thrilled to accept your offer.


Employer: Excellent! Welcome aboard! So, when do you want to start?


Candidate: I just wanted to give you the news about my acceptance. I will call you soon and let you know when I can start. Thank you again for a great faith you had in me.

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