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Telephone: Flights

Helen: Hello! Helen speaking…

Tim: Hello. I’d like to enquire about flights to Moscow from Kennedy Airport in New York, please. I’m off to a conference at the end of the month - Thursday 22nd until Tuesday 27th. Could you tell me about the flight availability and prices?

Helen: Certainly. Do you want to go economy, business or first class?

Tim: Well, I’d like to go first class, but unfortunately I’ll have to go economy - company rules, you see.

Helen: Yes, sure, I understand. How many of you will be travelling?

Tim: It’s just me.

Helen: Okay, so that’s one seat … economy … New York - Kennedy to Moscow Airport.

Tim: And how much will that be?

Helen: Let me see … to qualify for the discount rate, you need to stay over a Saturday, which you are doing … Yes, that’ll be $830.

Tim: Right, and does that include airport tax?

Helen: No, tax is another $70 on top of that.

Tim: Okay. Can I book that, then?

Helen: Certainly.

Helen: Can I help you with anything else? 

Tim: Yes, I'd like to book a hotel room too, for the full five nights. Could you check if the Regency Hotel has any rooms free?

Helen: Yes, they do.

Tim: And is there a discount rate for conference delegates?

Helen: Yes, there is. I think it's 10% but I can check that for you.

Tim: Okay, do you mind if I book it provisionally for now and I'll call you back later to confirm? I just need to check one or two details.

Helen: That's fine, sir. Can I help you with anything else?

Tim: No, that's all for now. As I said, I'll call you back.

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