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Mistakes are going to happen in the business world. When they do, customer service representatives from the company should handle any customer complaints.

Bret has recently purchased a DVD from an electronics store, Best Shop. He’s having some trouble with the DVD and calls the customer service number to complain.

(the phone is ringing)

Representative: Thank you for calling Best Shop Customer Service. This is Emma. How may I help you?


Bret: Hello. I bought a DVD from you a few weeks ago and I’m having some problems with it.


Representative: What seems to be the problem?


Bret: Well, it’s not working properly. The volume doesn’t work and the DVD tray won’t open either.


Representative: I’m very sorry to hear that the DVD isn’t working correctly, sir. Have you tried unplugging it and then trying again?


Bret: Yes. I’ve tried everything and didn’t help.


Representative: OK. Well, at Best Shop we take pride in maintaining a reputation for excellent products, so your problem with the DVD is unacceptable to us. Let me gather some more information and we’ll see what we can do to fix this.


Bret: Thank you.


Representative: No problem. Do you have the receipt for your DVD purchase?


Bret: Yes.


Representative: OK. Can you give me the date of purchase listed on it and the number printed at the bottom of the receipt?


Bret: Of course. The date of purchase was August 15th, 2010 and the number printed on there is 3-6500-1736-0945-8899-5


Representative: Thank you for that information. Are you able to look at the DVD at the moment as well?


Bret: Sure. I’m right next to it.


Representative: OK. There should be a sticker on the back with a number. Can you give me that number?


Bret: Let’s see. OK, I see it. It’s 8894344000135.


Representative: All right. Could you hold for just a moment, please?


Bret: Sure.


Representative: Thank you for holding, sir. I’m sorry, but the product you purchased has been recalled due to electrical malfunctions.


Bret: Oh, that’s interesting, but how can you tell?


Representative: The number you gave me allows me to pull up information on your specific product. With that, I was able to see that the DVD was produced at a certain factory that made the recalled products.


Bret: So what should I do now?


Representative: The easiest option is just to bring your DVD, with your receipt, back to your local Best Shop store. They can exchange the faulty product for a new DVD for you.


Bret: Oh,that is good news!


Representative: Just take the DVD to the customer service desk and the staff there should be able to take care of the problem for you.


Bret : All right.


Representative: Is there anything else I can do for you today?


Bret: No, that was it.


Representative: OK. And again, on behalf of the Best Shop Company, we are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. We value your business; so, if you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Bret: OK. Thanks.


Representative: Have a nice day.


Bret: Bye.

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