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Requesting Appointment

This letter asks for an appointment to discuss future employment. It offers enough information to interest the reader but does not give the detail of a resumé.

530 W. Road
California, Cl 21389

April 12, 2010

Robin Martin,President
Chapman and Adams Publishing
56 North Street
New York

Dear Mr. Martin,

I am a professional web designer who will be relocating to your area within the next 5 months. I plan on being in New York from May 12 to May 15 . May I have an appointment with you to discuss employment opportunities in New York area, specifically with Mason and Foster Publishing.

I have 7 years of experience as a web designer and an editor, four years as a web designer, in one of the most prominent companies in California, and three years as an editor. I have also published newsletters for not-for-profit organizations.

If it is convenient, may I schedule time to talk with you between May 12 and May 15? I will call your office the week of May 1 to determine if there is a time you will be available. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at 555-478-9970.



Reginald Hunt


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