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Confirming Sales Order

The following letter confirms sales taken over the telephone. It offers another opportunity to mention the qualities of the product and make contact with the customer.

Magic Blue. Inc
888 North Street Ave.
Chicago, MI 75904

April 10, 2010

Nicholas Kane,
Sports Academy
759 Ridgewood,
New York, MO 82009

Dear Mr. Kane:

This is to confirm your phone order you made in March 15 for 600 mini disks in fluorescent colours (green, orange and red) to be delivered no later than June 10, 2010. Your company logo will be printed on each disk in black ink.

As we already discussed, I will be shipping 600 mini disks in the second week of May. I will be contacting you in the first week of May to determine if additional disks are needed. If you need to place an order before then, please contact me at 924-555- 7856

Thank you again.



Mary King


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